European Network For Mental Health Service Evaluation

Members of the Executive Committee

  • Bernd Puschner (Chair)
    Associate Professor
    Section Process-Outcome Research, Department of Psychiatry II, Ulm University, Germany

  • Stynke Castelein (Secretary)
    Professor of Recovery from Severe Mental Illness
    Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

  • Graca Cardoso
    MD, PhD
    Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health, Chronic Diseases Research Center (CEDOC)/NOVA Medical School,
    NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal

  • Andrzej Cechnicki
    Professor of Psychiatry
    Day Treatment Centre, Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

  • Michael Clark
    Research Programme Manager for the NIHR School for Social Care Research, and
    Associate Professorial Research Fellow at the PSSRU
    London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

  • David McDaid
    Associate Professorial Research Fellow in Health Policy and Health Economics at the PSSRU
    London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

  • Arunas Germanavicius
    Associate Professor of Psychiatry
    University of Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Viviane Kovess-Masfety
    Professor of Psychiatry and Epidemioplogy
    Institute of Psychology, University of Paris, France

  • Alain Lesage
    Professor of Psychiatry
    Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal, Canada
    Medical Director of the Mental Health Technology and Interventions Assessment Unit at the
    Institut universitaire en sant mentale de Montr al, Canada

  • Michail Okoliyski
    Public Health Expert, WHO Country Office in Sofia, Bulgaria

  • David Roe
    Professor of Psychology and
    Director of the Center for Community Mental Health Research, Training, Services and Policy at the University of Haifa, Isreal

  • Mirella Ruggeri (Past-Chairperson)
    Professor of Psychiatry
    Section of Psychiatry, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of Verona, Italy
    Director of the Department of Mental Health, Verona, Italy

  • Mike Slade (Past-Chairperson)
    Professor of Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion, School of Health Sciences
    University of Nottingham, UK

Previous Members of the Executive Committee

  • Thomas Becker

  • Lars Hansson

  • Sonia Johnson

  • Martin RJ Knapp

  • Helle Charlotte Knudsen (Past-Chairperson)

  • Berta Moreno-Kuestner

  • Luis Salvador-Carulla

  • Aart H. Schene (Past-Chairperson)

  • Michele Tansella

  • Graham Thornicroft

  • Toma Tomov

  • Jose Luis Vazquez-Barquero