European Network For Mental Health Service Evaluation

Upcoming ENMESH Conference

Past ENMESH Conferences

    • 13. Lisbon, Portugal 2019

      Managing mental health system complexity
      Mental health care, from theory to outcome
      Managing systemic complexity
      Access inequities
      Cross-cultural learning in mental health

      program Lisbon 2019
      abstracts Lisbon 2019

    • 12. Groningen, The Netherlands 2017

      The context of mental health care
      Assessment: Understanding the context
      Epidemiology: Methodological approaches supporting personalised care
      Approaches: Novel approaches using the patient’s own context
      Policy: Societal challenges for community mental health

      program Groningen 2017
      abstracts Groningen 2017

    • 11. Málaga, Spain 2015

      Closing the gap between research and policy in mental health
      Global mental health
      From epidemiological research to clinical implementation: a) From prevention to interventions;
      b) Novel services for mental health care
      Closing the gap between psychiatric care and primary care
      Mental health during an economic crisis

      program Málaga 2015
      abstracts Málaga 2015

    • 10. Verona, Italy 2013

      Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Services: Therapeutic, organisational and economic challenges
      Reducing socio-economic inequalities of places, individuals and services for better patients' recovery
      Psychosocial interventions that promote better outcome and recovery
      Changing patterns of psychotropic drug interventions in mental health systems
      Improving communications skills for better mental health services

      program Verona 2013
      abstracts Verona 2013

    • 9. Ulm/Neu-Ulm, Germany 2011

      Mental health care in Europe – Learning from differences
      Evaluation and Costs
      Ethics and Legislation
      Treatment Process

      program Ulm/Neu-Ulm 2011

    • 8. Krakow, Poland 2008

      Good practice - good outcome?
      Patient - Therapist - Family relationship
      Evidence based community psychiatry
      Rehabilitation and work
      Compulsion and stigma

      cover Krakow 2008
      program and abstracts Krakow 2008

    • 7. Lund, Sweden 2006

      Mental health services research: challenges for the future
      Stigma and mental illness
      Occupation and rehabilitation
      Mental illness and comorbidity
      Implementations of evidence-based services

      program Lund 2006

    • 6. London, UK 2004

      Inclusion and mental health in the new Europe
      User and consumer involvement
      Mental health policy in the new Europe
      Mental health of vulnerable groups
      Interventions that work

    • 5. Sofia, Bulgaria 2002

      Mental health for a united Europe: Service research in a context
      Stigma, discrimination and equity
      Knowledge transfer and service culture
      Economic issues in psychiatry across Europe
      Evaluating mental health policies

    • 4. Leipzig, Germany 2000

      Psychiatric reform and service research in Europe
      Psychiatry and the public
      From inputs to outputs
      Intervention and service culture
      Assessing outcome in service evaluation

      abstracts Leipzig 2000

    • 3. Santander, Spain 1998

      Multiple perspectives on outcome
      The evaluation of quality of care in mental health
      The measurement of quality of life in mental health
      The application of outcome measures in routine clinical practice
      The application of qualitative methodologies in clinical research and practice

      abstracts Santander 1998

    • 2. Verona, Italy 1996

      Evaluating mental health services: Progress and prospects
      Population needs for mental health services
      Mental health services description
      Mental health services utilisation
      Costs of mental health services

      program and abstracts Verona 1996

    • 1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1994

      Mental health service evaluation: Developing reliable measures
      Needs assessment
      Quality of life
      Family and caregiven burden
      Satisfaction with services

      abstract book part I Amsterdam 1994
      abstract book part II Amsterdam 1994
      abstract book part III Amsterdam 1994
      abstract book part IV Amsterdam 1994
      abstract book part V Amsterdam 1994
      abstract book part VI Amsterdam 1994
      abstract book part VII Amsterdam 1994
      abstract book part VIII Amsterdam 1994
      report Amsterdam 1994