European Network For Mental Health Service Evaluation


ENMESH - the European Network for Mental Health Service Evaluation - was established in 1991 under the auspices of the World Health Organisation, Regional Office for Europe. It is a network of active researchers in the field of Mental Health Service Research and Evaluation.

ENMESH aims are:
1) To develop and maintain a network of active researchers in mental health service research in Europe.
2) To promote the development and dissemination of study designs, research instruments, mental health outcome indicators (including cost measurements), and relevant forms of statistical indicators.
3) To function as a clearing house for mental health service evaluation information in Europe.

ENMESH main activities are:
a) To organise an international conference every second year - where researchers meet, are networking and discussing research related issues. b) To run and update every second year a register of researchers active in the field of mental health service research and evaluation. c) To maintain an Internet web-site to inform of activities within and linked to ENMESH. A Message Board Area is available in the ENMESH web site’s home page for researchers in the field to publish Announcements concerning Congresses, Studies, Initiatives, Publications and other issues related to Mental Health Services Evaluation activities. The Message Board is aimed to facilitating exchange of experiences and information in the field.

ENMESH network is run by a group of active researchers in this field of research; they make up the Executive Committee. The network in its structure, culture and organisation is informal. This enhances the opportunities of researchers within the network to know each other, meet and establish collaboration between researchers and groups of researchers. Over 400 researchers from many different Eastern and Western European Countries are registered in the network, including several leading researchers in the field.


The ENMESH Board has decided to continue discussions with its Israeli partners to see if the ENMESH conference can be hosted in Israel. The outgoing Chair of the ENMESH Board (Professor Mike Slade) and the Chair of the ENMESH Board (Professor Bernd Puschner) have issued the following statement:

"The European Network for Mental Health Service Evaluation - ENMESH - is a research network of academics engaged in mental health service research. It is a small, informal body operating on the goodwill of its membership with no formal infrastructure or funding to support its operations.
The deliberations around whether the ENMESH conference should or should not be held in Israel were never intended as an academic boycott of any kind, nor should they be perceived as such. ENMESH has been sincere throughout in expressing its wish to host a conference in Israel. We were only ever concerned by practical considerations, given the very limited ability of an unfunded and informal academic network to manage the potential campaigning that such an event might attract.
Together and individually, we and ENMESH members work and publish regularly with Israeli colleagues and value the close relationships we have built up over many years. We have no wish to damage these relationships and recognise the strength of feeling expressed to Board members over recent weeks.
Therefore, a sub-group of the ENMESH Board is continuing discussions with the Israeli organising committee to see if we can proceed to host the ENMESH conference in Israel.
It is clear that our processes for securing consensus for decisions across the Board membership have proved challenging and we sincerely regret any hurt to anyone’s feelings as a result. The Board will seek to review our decision-making processes so that such a situation does not arise in the future.
Professor Slade will step down from his role as Chair of the ENMESH Board with effect from 3 August 2019 so that his successor Professor Bernd Puschner can progress these matters. We would ask for consideration and support for ENMESH as we move forward."

Professor Mike Slade
Professor Bernd Puschner
2nd August 2019

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